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Buying from Ivans Car Sales:
At 'Ivans Car Sales' we specialise in quality vehicles at the most competitive prices.
We have been selling cars for over years with excellent customer satisfaction. All our vehicles are HPI clear and free from any existing finance or damage unless otherwise stated. Everything is presented in 1st class condition and is well worth traveling to view. Our vehicles are supplied with a long or full MOT plus we carry out a thorough pre-delivery inspection.

NOTE: At 'Ivans Car Sales' we sell used cars so they are not in brand new condition any imperfections are normally age related i.e. the odd stone chip or light scratch and other age related wear. Any other significant issues will be clearly stated in the vehicle description or pointed out at the time of your visit. We take pride in making sure that the cars we sell are free from serious or significant faults on collection/delivery.

We welcome any trial or inspection.